General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Keep your mouth in top condition with general dentistry exams from Florida Smiles Dental!


Fort Lauderdale dentist Peter Scerbo, DMD, P.A.During a general dentistry appointment, we may need to update your images. We’ll check your teeth for any signs of damage or decay and treat cavities with natural-colored fillings when it’s necessary. The team at Florida Smiles Dental is ready to help you protect your smile at your general dentistry appointment. After the exam, our registered dental hygienists will provide your mouth with a deep cleaning. This will remove plaque and tartar buildup from your enamel so that you have a lesser chance of developing harmful gum disease. We will also go over dental hygiene basics with you to remind you of important health tips to remember during your daily routine. We’ll work with you to help you stay healthy!

There are many complications that can develop as you grow older, but Florida Smiles Dental can protect and heal your mouth. Our general dentistry examinations allow us to evaluate your smile for these problems. If we find that your alignment needs therapy, we can have our orthodontic staff go over our different braces options with you.

For our general dentistry patients in their late teens or early twenties, you may begin to experience the discomfort of your wisdom teeth growing in. When this occurs, you’ll need to have a wisdom teeth extraction to alleviate the pain and prevent your mouth from becoming overcrowded. We can identify your need for this procedure during a regular general dentistry appointment.

Another pressing therapy that we can recommend at a general dentistry visit is our periodontal therap. If we spot signs of gum disease, we’ll need to proceed quickly with treatment to prevent further complications. Attending regular general dentistry appointments every six months is helpful for stopping gum disease before it is too late. Its symptoms often go unnoticed by untrained eyes, which is another great reason to rely on your general dentist to help with your oral health!

Please call us today to schedule your general dentistry exam at Florida Smiles Dental. We treat patients from all over Florida during general dentistry appointments, including those from Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Weston, Hollywood, and other Florida communities. If this is going to be your first general dentistry appointment at Florida Smiles Dental, please take a brief moment to read over the information on our new patient page. We are ready to help you earn a healthy smile with our general dentistry care!
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