Orthodontics and Braces

Orthodontics and Braces in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


With orthodontics and braces, Florida Smiles Dental has what it takes to straighten your smile!

Fort Lauderdale orthodontist Dr. Donald FoxMany times, we notice that our adult patients never experienced orthodontic treatment to help improve the alignment of their teeth when they were younger. However, what many of our patients don’t realize is that it’s never too late to improve the position of their pearly whites! At Florida Smiles Dental, we use orthodontics and braces in order to better the bite of our adult and child patients. We may suggest this treatment during a normal general dentistry appointment, or you can call us to schedule an orthodontics and braces consultation. We’re ready to improve your oral health with orthodontics and braces today.



For children and adults who have major problems with their bite, braces will be the most conservative treatment. You’ll attend regular dental appointments to have your set of braces adjusted and tightened to move teeth into their proper place. It’s important to have your child treated with braces soon in order to prevent complications with their oral well-being from developing, such as gum disease. For adult patients, it may be possible to use accelerated braces to quickly shift your bite. Our award-winning orthodontic team can determine which system is best for your orthodontic needs in order to help you achieve long-lasting, beautiful results! You’ll be able to ask how long your treatment period will last with optimum results during your initial appointment.



If you want to retain your professional appearance while you correct minor or moderate alignment problems, you may want to ask us about the Invisalign system. Invisalign is a series of customized aligners that gently shift teeth into place. They’re made out of a clear, nearly invisible plastic so that your orthodontic gear can go unnoticed by your colleagues. You’ll simply upgrade to the next aligner once your teeth have responded positively to your current equipment. Speak to our dental team about using the Invisalign technique today.

Please contact us today to schedule an orthodontics and braces appointment at Florida Smiles Dental. We treat patients from Ft. Lauderdale, Weston, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, and nearby Florida cities with orthodontics and braces. If this is going to be your first time at Florida Smiles Dental for an exam, please take a brief moment to review the information that is detailed on our new patient page. You can learn about other ways we can help better your smile by visiting our services page. The team of Florida Smiles Dental can’t wait to help improve your appearance and oral health with orthodontics and braces!

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